10 reasons why your dog deserves CBD every day

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In this article, we will review 10 reasons why you might want to consider giving daily doses of CBD to your dog. We will also discuss the misconceptions surrounding this natural plant and studies about helping dogs with various medical conditions using CBD.

1. CBD is not psychoactive

CBD (cannabidiol) is a substance found in cannabis and hemp. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is also found in cannabis, and this is the substance that gives marijuana its psychoactive properties. Most CBD oils are virtually THC-free and are usually made from industrial hemp rather than marijuana plants. In short, your dog will not get high from CBD oil. It will relax without getting intoxicated.

2. CBD oil reduces anxiety

Does your dog feel separation anxiety or has noise phobia? CBD has been extensively studied for its effects on stress and anxiety. When used in humans, it was found that:

  • It reduces anxiety in both healthy individuals and individuals with severe anxiety;
  • It is effective for panic attacks and post-traumatic stress disorder.

3. CBD may help fight cancer

CBD and other substances found in industrial hemp and marijuana kill tumours. CBD also prevents cancer cells from growing and increases tumour cell mortality.

  • CBD helps the immune system cells to destroy cancer cells.
  • CBD kills cancer cells by blocking their ability to produce energy.
  • CBD properties on tumor growth inhibition slow down the growth of glioma cells.
  • CBD can help increase the effectiveness of conventional cancer therapy.

4. CBD can help with seizures and epilepsy

It is estimated that up to 5% of dogs suffer from seizures. Unfortunately, many dogs with seizures are fed medications such as phenobarbital and potassium bromide. While they can help control seizures, they can also be very dangerous to your dog's liver and other organs. Also, these medications do not always work. Studies have proven that CBD works well in cases of drug-resistant epilepsy. In one study, 7 of 8 patients with drug-resistant epilepsy showed a significant improvement after 4 to 5 months of CBD use. And a study in children with drug-resistant epilepsy showed that 84% of children with CBD noticed a reduction in seizure frequency.

5. CBD relieves pain

The cannabinoids present in CBD work very well as painkillers, and researchers are discussing using it as a new type of drug for chronic pain. Studies show that CBD is very effective in:

  • Relieving pain (including neuropathy and nerve related pain);
  • Reducing the effects of inflammation on oxidative stress (which causes degeneration and premature aging);
  • Decreasing inflammation in acute pancreatitis;
  • Reducing inflammation;
  • Lowering bowel inflammation (associated with irritable bowel disease).

6. CBD can help with irritable bowel disease

Animal studies suggest that CBD can help with colitis and restore normal bowel movements in irritable bowel disease. CBD also has antibiotic properties, including Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA).

7. CBD reduces chronic inflammation and suppresses autoimmune diseases

CBD has shown results in reducing the production and release of inflammatory cytokines, which can lead to allergies, hypersensitivity, and autoimmune diseases. It also inhibits the dominance of Th17, which is one of the major causes of autoimmune disease. Likewise, CBD inhibits the production of inflammatory macrophages and reduces chronic inflammation. CBD is also a powerful antioxidant that is even stronger than vitamins C and E.

8. CBD can protect the nervous system and help with neurodegenerative diseases

In dogs with degenerative myelopathy and other spinal or nerve disorders, CBD shows good results as therapy support. It helps patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease by protecting brain cells from toxicity. CBD protects brain cells in older dogs from cell death caused by free radicals and toxins.

9. CBD increases appetite and helps with nausea

If you have trouble getting your dog to eat, CBD can help. The National Cancer Institute reports that CBD improves appetite and controls cancer. In animal studies, CBD has also shown positive results as a remedy for vomiting and nausea, even when caused by toxins or drugs.

10. CBD maintains cardiovascular health

According to Dr. Bassingthwaighte's research on the subject, CBD supports heart health. Studies show that it can reduce vascular damage and balance irregular heart rates, protect blood vessels from damage, dilate arteries, as well as lower heart rate and blood pressure, which are associated with stress and anxiety.

CBD oil for dogs is legal and safe

With so many studies on the health benefits of CBD, the best news is that CBD is safe to use, even at high doses over a long period of time. It can reduce the activity of liver enzymes that help absorb various prescription drugs, so if your dog is on medication, you should consult your veterinarian before using CBD. CBD oils for dogs and other pets are mostly derived from hemp oil, so they contain very little THC. CBD oil can be a useful (or even life-saving) remedy for your dog. More and more pet owners and holistic veterinarians are beginning to appreciate its wide and proven health benefits, and they are feeling comfortable knowing that the side effects are not severe and the animals are not developing addiction.

Choosing a good CBD oil for your dog

Not all CBD oils are the same. You want to pick a high quality CBD oil, so here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure the product is organic: if not, your CBD oil is likely to contain pesticides, fungicides, solvents, and other bad substances;
  • Don't buy the cheapest one: the higher the quality and purity, the higher the price of the product. Also, make sure your CBD oil is free of additives and has sufficient CBD concentration;
  • Get analysis results: ask for a lab test of the amount of CBD in the product. Most CBD oils contain only a small amount of CBD. The manufacturer should provide a certified analysis. Also, make sure the product does not contain more than 0.2% THC;
  • Buy CBD for your pets in the form of oil drops; CBD is available as a treat, but tincture is the best form. This way, you will be able to adjust the daily dose for your dog by the drop, making sure he is receiving the exact intended amount.

Start with a small amount, but don't be afraid regarding the contradictory evaluation of the CBD benefits. Extensive research is under way and the results so far are very promising.

How much CBD oil should I give to my dog?

When it comes to medicines for pets, finding the right dose is very important. Excessive doses can cause side effects or even death. That is why owners should not experiment with pet medicines without consulting a veterinarian. Recent studies show that CBD oil is very effective for pets, especially dogs. It assists in the production of hormones, which in turn relieves pain and other ailments in the dog's body and mind. The best feature of CBD oil is that it does not cause any psychoactive effects so the dog will not experience any side effects. The right amount of CBD oil is very important for your dog's well-being. That is why here we provide you with relevant information on CBD oil dosage and application areas.

Why use CBD oil for dogs?

Many people ask why give CBD oil to their pets. There is a common misconception that CBD oil is good for humans only and dangerous for animals. We can confirm that CBD oil provides many physical and mental benefits that pets can benefit from. Here are some of them: Nausea and digestion issues Many small puppies experience problems such as nausea and indigestion. It has been found that changing the puppy’s diet from milk to solid food requires a few days for the digestive system to switch to a new type of food. That is why your puppy will be nervous and sluggish. With the help of CBD oil you will be able to speed up the transition process in the puppy's body. Muscle pain If you start giving your puppy CBD oil before sleep, you will notice that various muscle and joint pains will be relieved and your puppy will sleep better. In this case, CBD oil is an important part of rapid recovery. Systemic balance Systemic imbalances are a common problem that puppies face. This can be due to ill-adapted nutrition or lack of physical activity. This affects the dog's metabolic rhythm and is often associated with various ailments. CBD oil can solve this problem. You will notice that the puppy controls of his food ingestion and remains active. Your puppy's systemic balance is essential to his long and healthy life. Stress reduction People are not the only ones to experience stress, you will be surprised to learn that pets can be stressed too. Failure to return home in time or forgetting to feed him can be a source of stress for your dog. CBD oil helps maintain the release of stress hormones in the puppy's body. This way, any stressful situation will be controlled and harmless to your dog. It is very important to control your puppy's stress level as this is the only way to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Dosage of CBD oil for your dog

Before giving CBD oil to your dog, it is important to figure out the correct dosage. This is the only way your dog will experience all its health benefits. Here are recommended dosages of CBD oil, depending on the dog’s weight and size:

  • A small 10 kg puppy should get 4-6 drops of our 3% Pet CBD oil every day.
  • An average sized 10-25 kg puppy should get 8-12 drops of our 3% Pet CBD oil every day.
  • A big dog of 25 kg or more should get about 15 drops of our 3% Pet CBD oil every day.

How to give CBD oil to your dog Many people think that they can mix drops with food and the active ingredients will be easily assimilated by the body. However with CBD oil, this is not the best way to achieve the desired benefits. Drops should be given to the pet directly. We all know that dogs are definitely no fans of medicine. In the beginning, you will have to force the oil into the dog's mouth as this is the only way. After a few days, the animal should get used to the oil. Be sure to get the highest quality CBD oil for your dog. CBD oil should be extracted using the best techniques to obtain a pure product. There are many licensed dealers who sell CBD oil. Be sure to check out reviews and ratings as well as additional information on the effectiveness of their products. Once you find a reliable product, you will need to maintain normal dosage for the best effect.

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