How to make CBD oil? Main extraction methods

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The highest quality CBD is produced from industrial hemp, which contains a controlled amount of THC and does not produce any psychoactive effects. This has received a lot of attention after the latest studies were circulated. Extraction is the simplest method since the plant’s composition is low in THC. Some brands run numerous tests to make sure the composition of CBD and other cannabinoids is as expected. At Ozzo CBD, we always provide a lab certificate that shows exactly what substances are in the hemp oil and in what concentrations. We guarantee the quality of CBD, directly extracted from the plants. That is why we use the highest quality plants and extraction techniques. Many people ask how CBD oil is made and the answer is very simple. The extraction process uses a solvent to help extract the oil from the hemp stem. There are many commercially available solvents and all have their advantages and disadvantages. The most commonly used solvents are CO2, olive oil and other liquid solvents.

CBD extraction with CO2

The CO2 extraction method is very specific and certainly the safest and most efficient. However, this process is also the most expensive. Our experts use state-of-the-art equipment for this process, which replaces CO2 phases using pressure and temperature.

  1. CO2 gas is compressed and cooled for storage at a pressure of 1000 psi. This pressure converts the gas into a liquid. When compressed, CO2 is both in a gas and liquid state simultaneously.
  2. CO2 is heated and, when it becomes gas, it passes through hemp placed in a device called loop extractor, which helps extract pure CBD oil. The pressure and temperature are controlled with extreme precision to ensure that the useful contents of hemp are not compromised.
  3. The result of this process is the highest quality CBD in its purest form. All CBD products and extracted substances are stored in dark containers to ensure that heat and light do not affect the concentration of chemical components.

Our experts use the same process to understand other chemical substances contained in hemp and to study their potential positive effects for the human body. At Ozzo CBD we also carry out quality control of all products and provide transparent test results.

Extraction with olive oil or ethanol

Ethanol is one of the solvents used to extract full spectrum CBD. However, this technique has some drawbacks:

  1. Ethanol is water soluble and easily dissolves chlorophyll, resulting in a bitter taste in the product.
  2. Chlorophyll is easily extracted, but additional steps increase the cost of production.
  3. Removal of chlorophyll from the extracted CBD has been shown to reduce the beneficial properties of the oil.

For these reasons, this method is not widely used. Instead, extraction with olive oil is more common. This is a simple method because olive oil is heated to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and then the vapor is filtered through CBD plants. However, plant filtration and oil extraction can reduce the beneficial properties of the leaves, which will require users to consume a higher dose to achieve the same effect.

Butane and hexane extraction method

This technique is also called the Rick Simpson method. After an accident, Rick Simpson was suffering from medical issues like tinnitus and dizziness. The medical procedures prescribed to him did not produce any effects. At some point, he saw a documentary about CBD and asked his doctor about CBD therapy. After hearing the doctor's refusal, he began extracting his own CBD and after using it, noticed that his condition had improved. For the extraction process, Rick Simpson used different hydrocarbons like:

  1. Butane
  2. Hexane
  3. Pentane
  4. Propane
  5. Acetone

The boiling point of hydrocarbons is low, which can be used in the extraction process. This process produces the purest form of CBD oil. It is very simple and economical, but also dangerous because it can cause an explosion. During the extraction process, highly combustible gas is released.

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